Refunds & Fees


Trust My Travel has also taken the decision today to disable the ability to make refunds via API.  

The sheer number of refunds is putting several companies into financial difficulty and we want to prevent this across the board and provide an option to alleviate the pressure to Members. Refunds will still be processed and there is no desire to prevent customers from receiving their money back in full.  

However, if there is an opportunity to provide some support to Members in difficult circumstances, our member support team will be able to review when processing these refunds. We also understand that travellers are particularly anxious about their bookings and we can help you to communicate with the traveller.  

To initiate a refund during this time please email with the TMT reference number; and amount to refund. The customer will be notified of the refund and this will be processed to their card/bank account within 14 days provided your account has funds.  

If you find yourself with a negative statement, and you wish to make a refund we will work with you to ensure we can facilitate the refund and satisfy the customer. However, please be aware you will be expected to cover any negative statements, where refunds and chargebacks have outstripped new bookings.  



Several companies have asked if we will waive our fees on processing where refunds have to be made to a customer.  

We would love to say we would do this as I understand the pressures on companies currently. However, we still incur all interchange, scheme and transaction fees ourselves and simply cannot incur this.  

We are working on a number of projects to support businesses but I regret that at this time we cannot give concessions where we ourselves are incurring cost.