Payouts & Negative Statements

Pay-Outs & Negative Statements 

Due to travel restrictions and nervousness around the global pandemic, we have seen a large increase in refunds in the past week. Whilst we understand there is a need to process these on behalf of the travellers, there is also an obligation to ensure that you as the members have the required funds to cover these.  

We want to avoid our members finding themselves with a negative balance and therefore owing money to Trust My Travel.  

To try and avoid this from happening, we are implementing the below change(s) with immediate effect:  

  • Pay-out day will be moved from each Tuesday to Wednesday  

Your statements are generated every Wednesday, which follows your Pay-Out for the previous week. Given the large amount of refunds being processed, we will be delaying your pay-out by one day to give our team to review your current week’s processing. We want to avoid you entering into a negative position with Trust My Travel or having to settle any owed funds to Trust My Travel manually. 

  • Negative Balances & Pay-outs 

If you have a negative balance, you are required to settle this balance to Trust My Travel. Your statements will be generated and reviewed each week to support cashflow monitoring. If you are continuing to process refunds in the current week, we will suspend any pay-outs for positive statements to account for these more recent debits.  

 For example:

  1. You have a positive statement for Week 10 (Wednesday 4th March – Tuesday 10th March) 
  1. This Tuesday you are due to be paid out, but you have processed lots of refunds since your week 10 Statement.  
  1. Trust My Travel May suspend your pay-out of Week 10, taking into account your recent refunds. 
  1. If you have been processing normally and have a normal ratio of refunds, your pay-out will not be impacted.